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Recruitment rules

Persons with Polish citizenship and foreigners may apply for admission to undergraduate studies. The basis for admission to first-cycle studies are positive results of the matriculation examination or secondary school-leaving examination, or positive results of a foreign examination or positive results of education, confirmed by a certificate, diploma or other document referred to in art. 69 sec. 2 points 4-7 of the Act of July 20, 2018 - Law on Higher Education and Science.

Admission to studies takes place through entry on the list of students. The condition for entering on the list of students of Wyższa Szkoła Kształcenia Zawodowego is submitting the required documents, obtaining the Rector's administrative decision on admission to studies (if required; see: foreigners) and signing an agreement on the provision of educational services for university students.  

WSKZ provides people with disabilities an appropriately adapted form of recruitment, changing its course to suit their needs. Candidates - foreigners may also be admitted to university studies, provided that they confirm it with a certificate of knowledge of the Polish language and submit a complete set of documents entitling them to stay in the territory of the Republic of Poland (in accordance with the requirements of applicable regulations in this regard).

At WSKZ, it is also possible to transfer to studies from another university. A student of another university, including a foreign one, who has completed one year of studies may, with the consent of the Vice-Rector for Education, be transferred to studies without the recruitment procedure. According to the Study Regulations, such a candidate is obliged to submit the current course of studies to the Vice-Rector for Education and to supplement the existing, possible program differences.

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