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Support for students

Wyższa Szkoła Kształcenia Zawodowego provides students with comprehensive support throughout the entire process of acquiring learning outcomes.  

On the prepared "Student's Panel" platform, templates of documents are available that may be useful throughout the entire study process: all applications to the Vice-Rector, documents related to student internships, documents related to the diploma process or financial matters.

Students are informed at the beginning of each semester during meetings with the Vice-Rector for Education about the possibility of submitting any complaints through the starost of the group or representatives of the student government, who pass on a specific matter to a formally competent person. It should also be noted the important role of the Rector's Plenipotentiary for Equality, who deals with helping the parties to cope with the conflict and, if necessary, conducts mediation proceedings.

WSKZ organizes for students starting their studies before the beginning of the academic year an organizational meeting with the University authorities during which Students obtain important information related to safe functioning at the University.  

Students have the possibility of direct contact with all academic teachers outside of the classroom during their duty hours. If necessary, these consultations are also conducted remotely using the MS Teams application. Duty hours are available in the "Student's Panel" in the tab - "Lecturers' consultations". 

Wyższa Szkoła Kształcenia Zawodowego supports students in the use of infrastructure as part of education with the use of distance learning methods and techniques. The University conducts trainings to properly prepare students to use e-learning tools. In addition, the University publishes relevant materials and training videos on the subject matter on the website and sends them to students to dedicated e-mail addresses. The university also offers solutions to prevent digital exclusion - students who suffer from this problem are offered help in the form of the possibility of borrowing computer equipment or the possibility of using the free Internet or installing appropriate software. If necessary, students can use the computer labs located at the University's premises, outside the hours of classes, in order to write a final (phase) thesis or diploma thesis.


For foreign students, there is a procedure to provide support to foreign students. From the student perspective, meetings that facilitate adaptation to people coming from abroad to study at WSKZ are important. These meetings begin at the beginning of the academic year, last one semester and are conducted by the tutors of foreign students in various languages (e.g. English, Russian, Ukrainian, German). During the meetings, various problems of students are solved in connection with the entire educational process as well as all everyday problems, including living problems.

Uśmiechnięty Student w Wykład
Studia w domu


In terms of supporting students with different needs, the procedure of the Individual Organization of Studies has been developed, which in addition to the above-mentioned support also has a wide catalog of supporting various groups of students in this way in the education process. IOS is thus offered among others  pregnant students, people bringing up children or people studying more than one faculty, so that they can properly acquire the assumed learning outcomes.


Students have the opportunity to receive support in the field of mental health - each student can visit a psychologist and make an appointment for consultations, if necessary, at the University or online. Contact to a psychologist can be found in the "Student's Panel".


Student representatives are part of many bodies influencing the functioning of the University: scholarship committees, Faculty Councils, WSKZ Senate and the University Education Quality Team, and changes in study programs take into account the opinion of the student council.

The support of students in the field of teaching is expressed, among others, by In:

Possibility of unlimited use of the Knowledge Base located in the Student's Panel, which consists of didactic and educational materials consistent with the field of study and being its extension. The materials on the platform have a form  video lectures recorded in a professional studio available for the student in an asynchronous form at any place and time (provided that the most basic technical requirements are met - a telephone, laptop with Internet access). Video lectures recorded and made available to students are conducted by lecturers from academic centers from all over Poland with teaching, research and practical experience.

For students of internal security, the University has provided the possibility of using a video series entitled "Practically about security." In this series, students have the opportunity to learn about the practical aspects of professional work of people related to the broadly understood public safety.

Ensuring flexible shaping of the course of studies, taking into account individual scientific interests and the personal situation of the student, through: the possibility of using the already mentioned Individual Organization of Studies, granted in particularly justified cases, allowing for the change of dates and rules for completing semesters and the methods of performing teaching duties resulting from the plan and program studies.

Enabling studies in more than one specialization.

Possibility to apply for a short-term (one semester) or long-term (up to the academic year) leave by the Vice-Rector for Education in the case of: long-term illness, pregnancy, childbirth or care, as well as other important circumstances.

Providing the possibility of resuming studies.

Thanks, among others. signed agreements with District Labor Offices in Wrocław and Oława, support for students in entering the labor market takes place through:

The support of students in the field of teaching is expressed, among others, by In:


Informing by PUP employees at specially dedicated meetings about the possibilities of raising qualifications, shortage of professions, the labor market, skills necessary for active job search and  self-employment.


Promoting free forms of support, including in particular internships and apprenticeships offered by the Poviat Labor Office among students of the University of Vocational Education.


The activity of the Academic Career Office, which is a "bridge" in relations between the academic community and the world of business and the labor market.


Employees of PUP informing about implemented projects and other tasks aimed at professional activation of students and graduates.


Participation in cyclical meetings as part of the Stakeholder Council, where the current expectations of the labor market regarding the graduate's profile are presented. The student can learn about the directions and trends of changes in the demand of the labor market.

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