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University authorities


Henryk Fedewicz, PhD

Rector of Wyższa Szkoła Kształcenia Zawodowego

Doctor of Law - specialist in the field of internal security with particular emphasis on legal and criminal problems of state interests protection as well as negative phenomena related to the process of security management and information protection with its numerous socio-economic implications.


Łukasz Zemła, MSc

Rector's plenipotentiary for equality

A graduate of political science, pedagogy with a specialisation in andragogy and psychology. An expert in team leadership and human resources management. For many years, he has been an academic lecturer at the University of Silesia in Katowice, Chorzów Branch School of Banking, Bielsko-Biała Higher School of Economics and Humanities, Wrocław School of Banking - teaching the following subjects: human resources management, coaching and mentoring, philosophy and ethics, introduction to the science of politics, basics of the functioning of the state and law, political systems in Europe.

His research interests focus on practical aspects of information security in the HR area. Member of business unit teams in the area of strategic HR, protection of personal and sensitive data, diversity charter, equal treatment policies in banking and finance, FMCG, pharmacy, education and schooling.
Author and co-author of Equal Treatment Policy, Social Policy, Corporate Governance Policy and Anti-Mobbing Policy.


Paweł Łabuz, PhD

Rector's plenipotentiary for contact with the internal security services of the Republic of Poland

A graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw. Professor at the Edward Lipiński University of Economics, Law and Medical Sciences in Kielce. Academic teacher (lecturer): University of Warsaw, Higher School of Commerce in Radom, WSPiA Rzeszowska Szkoła Wyższa, Collegium Humanum/Szkoła Głowna Menedżerska in Warsaw. Lecturer at the international training course of the European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Training (CEPOL), associate teacher: at the Institute of Law and Administration of the Police Academy in Szczytno and the Police School in Piła.   Lecturer in the following subjects: criminal law, police law, criminalistics, criminology, security sciences, combating terrorism, combating organised crime, operational and exploratory activities.   Expert witness in the field of combating. Court expert in combating crime, operational and exploratory activities and detective investigation.

Doctoral dissertation defended at the University of Warsaw, Faculty of Law and Administration, on the subject "Organised crime in legal and criminal aspects. Author of over 100 scientific publications.  Specializes in criminal law, operational and criminal procedure, police law, management of criminal and economic information and systematics of economic intelligence, combating organized crime in its entire spectrum, criminalistics and criminology. Author of dozens of publications on combating crime, anti-terrorism, investigative tactics, counterintelligence, crime fighting, human trafficking, operational and exploratory activities, internal and national security, information management, criminal procedure and police law.

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