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Academic Career Office

The Academic Career Office , which started its activity in January 2022, provides assistance to students and graduates of WSKZ, both those starting their professional careers and those already operating on the labor market, in agreement with the Poviat Employment Office in Wrocław (under the signed agreement). It conducts information, consulting and training activities. The Academic Career Office, in consultation with the Vice-Rector for Education and the employees of the Dean's Office, is responsible for conducting surveys among students on: the work of academic teachers, other teachers and the administration of WSKZ  and every semester a ready report with their results will be submitted to the KJK. In addition, the Academic Career Office cooperates with employers looking for qualified employees, collects, classifies and provides job offers, apprenticeships, internships, and collects up-to-date information on the labor market. The Careers Office will also monitor the course of the graduates' careers. The results of these studies will be the basis for the verification and improvement of study programs, which will translate into adapting the educational offer to the needs of students and the modern labor market.

Support offered by the Academic Career Office for WSKZ students:

  • collecting and sharing a database of job offers, internships, internships or volunteering;

  • organization of training courses and workshops;

  • organizing internships for students;

  • cooperation with external institutions and companies;

  • support in the creation of application documents;

  • monitoring the professional careers of graduates;

  • free consultations with a career counselor;

  • organization of meetings with employers.

Contact - Academic Career Office

Inga Kulińska - 

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