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The privacy policy of the website


§ 1. Protection of personal data of website use

The administrator of the portal (hereinafter also referred to as the Portal) does everything to make the use of the Portal the most convenient for its registered users and involve the least nuisance. Using the portal may involve providing the user's personal data to the extent necessary for the proper provision of the service by the Portal.

The Portal data administrator - Wyższa Szkoła Zawodowa, Plac Powstańców Śląskich 1/201, 53-329 Wrocław, NIP: 7952214640 provides all registered users of the portal with the implementation of rights under the Act of May 10, 2018 on the protection of personal data ( Journal of Laws of 2018, item 1000), in particular the right to access their own data, the right to request updating and deletion of data and the right to object in the cases specified in the provisions of this Act.

The personal data files kept by the Portal have been reported to the Inspector General for Personal Data Protection in accordance with the statutory obligation of the Portal data administrator, and the processing of these personal data takes place only to the extent provided for by the relevant provisions of law, in particular the above-mentioned Act on the Protection of Personal Data.

§ 2. Security of the Portal users

For the safety of the Portal users, the number of data needed to use the Portal is limited to the data necessary for the proper provision of services via the Portal, the Portal's marketing purposes and for technical purposes related to the correct and uninterrupted operation of the Portal. The necessary data includes in particular: 

• name and surname of the Portal user,

• address of residence or stay,

•e-mail adress,

•Phone number

• other data indicated in the regulations for the provision of services.

The above data may be made available only to entities authorized under applicable law 

In the case of purchasing specific services offered by the Portal, it may be necessary to provide additional personal data, in particular, if it results from the provisions of applicable law, about which the user is informed each time.

The portal may use the so-called cookies, i.e. text files saved on the Portal user's computer, identifying him in a way necessary to enable certain operations. Cookies are used, inter alia, to remember the data necessary to log in to the Portal user. The condition for cookies to work is their acceptance by the browser and not removing them from the disk, which allows the Portal users full control over the operations related to the use of these files. The website has a separate Cookie Policy available at

§ 3. Security of files on the Portal

The content presented on the Portal consists mostly of tests, divided into appropriate categories, with suggested solutions. All published content is checked on an ongoing basis by the administrator for protection against viruses and malware. The Portal Administrator recommends each Portal user to use the newest versions of anti-virus systems in order to avoid potential dangers which, despite due efforts by the Portal administrator, are always connected with the use of the Internet.

§ 4. Advertising on the Portal

In order to reduce the costs incurred by the Portal users and reduce the costs of services offered by the Portal, the Portal earns its living and the preparation of new services thanks to advertisements. The Portal Administrator cares for the least inconvenience of advertisements for the Portal users. Ads do not hinder the use of the Portal.

Commercial information of an advertising nature is sent to the Portal users' accounts only if the user agrees.

§ 5. Responsibility for information contained in the Portal

The Portal strives to ensure that the information contained in the tests published on the Portal is true and that their substantive quality is as high as possible. The materials are prepared with the support of experienced staff of associates.

§ 6. Copyright

All copyrights to the materials posted on the Portal are vested in the Portal administrator.

The use of materials published on the Portal in whole or in part, in a way that goes beyond the scope provided for in a given test, requires the written consent of the administrator each time. Posting the material in any P2P directories, file sharing systems, network servers, distributing them on physical media, renting, etc. is prohibited. Appropriate criminal and civil legal steps will be taken against persons infringing copyright (as well as against system administrators for such activities).  

§ 7. Contact us

Contact with the Portal administrator is possible via e-mail via the following e-mail address:, or by post via the following address: Wyższa Szkoła Kształcenia Zawodowego - Dolnośląski Branch, ul. Zelwerowicza 20, 53-676 Wrocław or by phone: 22 481 58 98.

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